Friday, March 21, 2008

the bed in

Photo credits: 1. The Bedroom from the Sagredo Palace in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, August 2007, 2. Real Simple Bedroom, 3. Granma bedroom, 4. Tomoyo in her Bedroom, 5. Insane Flowered Master Bedroom, 6. lukes new bedroom, 7. bedroom, 8. bedroom, 9. the bedroom is now in the middle of the house, 10. Bedroom, 11. bedroom twist, 12. bedroom

Today I'm having a 'bed in'. A good 'bed in' involves the company of a cat, wireless internet, a pile of books and magazines, blanket worthy cold weather outside and a box of freckled chocolate. I prescribe a good 'bed in' atleast once a month!


Cass said...

I'd love a good bed in, maybe when the girls are a bit older. I hope your freckled chocolate was from Haighs.

Carolyn said...

I completely agree: I subscribe to a good 'bed in'!

I think I had one today!

boobook said...

I've had a good bed in too!!
You have got to love Wireless too!!
and you!!

oldflowers4me said...

good for you- i love doing this on a sunday morning- have a great easter-singing and skipping love jo.

CurlyPops said...

What a fantastic idea. Perfect weather for it too!

Lark said...

Yeah nice one Angela - thanks for reminding those of us with 'little ones' what life used to be like!

Allison xx
Seriously, enjoy it while you can, you deserve it!

Drewzel said...

Yep, I love a day in bed! I like to take some stitching or knitting, lashings of tea and chocolate, and lots of vintage magazines. (I prefer to leave the laptop outta it.) The latest I've managed to stay there is 3pm. :P

.girl ferment. said...