Thursday, March 20, 2008

what i'm loving right now

My framed rosella clock that I bought from Meet me at Mikes yesterday and Japanese craft magazines.

I forgot to mention in my linking 'on my desk' frenzy last night to pop over to Kirsty's blog for more 'on my desk-ness'. You should pop by and say hello and show us what is on your desk too!


Kirsty said...

How good are those birdy clocks? You chose well.

Michelle said...

That rosella clock is awesome!

But I'm dying inside right now with the Japanese embroidery! Beautiful!

JustJess said...

I love the look of that magazine! The clock is fabulous too. Must get to Melb and check out the store!


boobook said...

oh the tomato sauce bird!!
good choice....i like your book too

Linnea said...

Lovely clock!
The Japanese embroidery books/mags are all amazing, I have yet to buy one but I don't think I can put it off much longer.

Amelia said...

hi angela,

how are you? the japanese craft book on bags at S&C - was that yours or Bianca's?

regards, Amelia