Monday, July 30, 2007

everything i thought it would be

Well, what can I say. Stitch night at Mikes was as good as I had anticipated. Cupcakes, crafty ladies, cups of tea and sewing soundtracks. Pip you are fabulous! and your bathroom is super cool.

Lucky door prizes, pear pin cushions, cupcake kits! What more could you want on a Sunday night. I met the lovely Mix Tape zine creators, the super famous blogger Aunty Cookie, blogger and avid knitter Kylie, the talented Miss Lovely Buttons and I had a great chat with Brooke.

Now to find some spare time to finish my stitchin!


Belinda said...

Love your little fawn, so cute! Pip is just a great hostess, I just wish there was somewhere like Mike's in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great night. I've just found a quilting place near town. would love to gather with girls doing the same craft.

At Whit's End said...

I think I need to move Australia and attend stitch night at mike's. I wonder if my husband would go for it?