Monday, July 30, 2007

flashback friday web ring

If you have recently joined RingSurf and you are feeling a little confused as to how it works here are the steps. If you have already attempted to join the web ring but have noticed that it is not working you may also need the steps below.

1. After you have logged into RingSurf, view your Ring Profile page. Scroll down until you see the window with the title - 'Ring HTML code: Below is the code that you enter on your site to activate the ring'. Copy all the HTML within that window.

2. Log into Blogger (if that is who you are with) go to Layout then Page Elements. Choose Add a Page Element and from there choose HTML/JavaScript. Click the add to Blog button. For title type Flashback Friday Web Ring. Then paste the html code into the window under the title. Then save.

All done!

Unfortunately I only know the steps to take if you are using a blogger account. I'm hoping the steps my be very similar with other blog applications.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Angela,
I just joined and put the link on my blog. Thanks for tips.
I don't appear on the "Joined" list though. Will that appear later or do you have to approve?

Anonymous said...

I'm on the list. Looked at my emails and sorted it all out.
Thanks Angela

three buttons said...

Sorry Fiona, I wasn't there to help. Great to hear you found the answers and now your up and running!

one little acorn said...

I joined, I logged in, I didn't copy the information I was meant to for my blog... Went to log in and it didn't work. Tried to start again - says my URL is already a registered user. Sorry Angela - technology wins again! Any ideas?

three buttons said...

Hi Jacinta

I will have a look into where the problem might be and I will post some answers soon!