Sunday, July 29, 2007

neat night at mikes

I'm so excited about attending stitch night tonight at meet me at mikes! I've heard so many great reviews from past stitch nights and now I get to share the mikes experience! I'm also excited about meeting some great Melbourne bloggers who will be there. I will post an update tomorrow with all the nights highlights.

Flashback Fridays has been growing with great success! Thank you for all my 'great pins' comments and no my photo did not discourage my friend from taking up the tap dancing classes : ) I had an idea this morning about our Flashback Friday group and I would like to hear your feedback on the idea.

How about each Flashback Friday we have a theme? Lets say everyone can leave a theme suggestion comment and then on Thursdays a theme will be announced. Possible themes umbrellas, cousins, ice-cream, fancy dress! If you don't have a pre 1985 photo with the announced theme you can still certainly post a pre 1985 photo of your choose.

Today I am looking into creating a web ring that can store all our Flashback Fridays contributors web address. This will make it much easier to view everyones photos! I will keep you posted if I can successfully set one up.


At Whit's End said...

Themes are a great idea. This is so fun.

Belinda said...

Have fun tonight!

I'll have to dig out the photo albums from my mum's

shula said...

I must confess that I'm shockin' at following themes. I totally trip off on my own tangent.

I couldn't even keep within the parameter of being in the photo myself for one week.

But I'm sure other people will be into it.

Anonymous said...

Themes do sound great. I will certainly try to keep within the theme but I may have some that will just have to be pre 1985.
What about a flickr site for all the photos? I'll join whatever you organise.

three buttons said...

We now have a flickr group for Flashback Friday. Come and join us over at

We have 20 members and our group is growing every day.

one little acorn said...

Flashback Friday has obviously appealed to a wide group. It's a great idea which is sure to grow and grow. I will try to go by theme, but pics are limited, so it will be a week by week gamble.

I have joined the flickr group and whilst I have no idea what to do technically, I will have a better look at it soon and try and work it out! Good job!

Hope you had a good night at "Mikes".