Saturday, May 23, 2009

today and tomorrow

Today I once again failed in my attempt to save for my upcoming trip and bought myself a new hat and scarf. It will be Summer in Japan when I leave in June so the hat will come in handy!

Just a little reminder that the Sonny & Coco market will be on tomorrow! Perhaps I might see you there, I'll be the one sporting a hat and new scarf!


Mal said...

oh - do post photos when you get back! I've been to tokyo in october and May but this year we are going in August. probably will be very very hot.

Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

Angela, good to chat at Sonny & Coco today, have a great time in Japan!

rabbit and the duck said...

I'm super jealous you are going to Japan. Take along a spare suitcase for me to fill with fabrics? : )
Great chatting with you at the market yesterday.

Juddie said...

Grrrr! I had to miss this market - laid up again with a bad back :-(
Hope you had a good time!

BTW - I'm totally jealous of you going to Japan. It's been years since I was there and I'd love to go back. Enjoy the green green summer and the wonderful food and textiles.

I know you'll be in cute-design heaven too ..... just don't overdose!