Friday, May 01, 2009

hello sailor

Hello Sailor is a two day vintage fair starting tomorrow, hosted at the magically styled Carlton Hotel.

It's worth a visit alone just to soak up the amazing decor at The Carlton, throw in two levels of vintage homewares, clothes, shoes and jewellery and well... say no more!

Hello Sailor
Two Day Vintage Fair
The Carlton Hotel
197 Bourke Street
Melbourne City
1pm- 6pm

Photo Credit: Timid Acorn.


maçã said...

I'm so jealous! Here in Portugal the nicest thing that we have is an Craft and Design fair, but nothing is vintage! Enjoy :)

Banana Smoothies for Strawberry Sundays said...

Ahhh im so mad...I just read about this market...thinking it was still only saturday. but its 5pm on sunday, so im not going to make it in to the city in time. So so mad :/ How cute are those shoes!!