Sunday, May 17, 2009

front cover

I have been meaning to investigate the artwork found on my notebook above for a while now and this afternoon I remembered to have a look at the website address found in the back cover.

I'm so happy I did because I found a whole page of links to some excellent Japanese websites! Enjoy!


Lark said...

Thanks for those lovely links! I've sent Ebony a list of small shops in Tokyo that she is going to have translated and will share with you for your trip - are you getting excited? Have you bought your pastilles? I can't fly without them now!

handmade romance said...

oh you have the best finds. this notebook is beautiful! thanks for sharing, again : )

Im off to check those links now too x

Anonymous said...

I love the jigsawwy layout of this print, not to mention the figures....just lovely

angela said...

Thank you for your lovely comments!!

Hi Allison, yes I'm getting very excited about my trip!! I do still have some pastilles left, although I might buy some fresh ones just in case they lose there effect over time!

Hopefully I won't go overboard with them this time : )