Sunday, May 17, 2009

card swap anyone?!

I'm an avid card collector! Business cards, free postcards, brochures, if they look good they are guaranteed to end up in my bag. I have storage containers filled to the brim with my card collecting, it's a lingering habit from design school and a happy habit at that.

So the other day after looking through a weeks worth of cards stowed away in my bag I began to think about collecting cards from different countries. That then lead me to thinking of a card swap! Anyone else into collecting cute cards? And want to be in my card swap group?!

I'll see how we go for interest and then I can post further details! My card swap group is open to both Australian and International readers. At this stage I'm thinking 10 cards per airmail envelope.

Cards From: Alice Euphemia, Zakkaya.


Anonymous said...

Oh I like that idea! Are you thinking they could be any sort of cards? Count me in!

PS: I went to design school too and am also a COMPLETE hoarder although fabric and socks seem to have taken over cards of late.

angela said...

Yippeee! Thank you craftschmaft for joining!!

I'm thinking any sort of cards, business cards, free postcards from shops anything that catches your design eye!

I'll keep you posted with details, depending on the numbers of interest.

Angela xxoxx

muchlove said...

oooh, I love card collecting too! I have some swapcards and postcards that I'd love to swap. I actually did a little postcard swap on my blog a couple of months ago , and there's still plenty left.

So count me in :)

Marcella said...

oh, i'd love to join :D

Mee a Bee said...

Hi, I'd love to be in. I live in japan. I pick up free cards em

send the details to my blog once it's decided. thanks!

Love Squalor said...

i would love to play along!

Pang said...

any kind of cards?!?! count me in!

muchlove said...

hi, thanks so much for the comment :)
I've actually stopped my own postcard swap for now. I'd rather use what's left for other swaps, like the one you have here :)

ellie said...

I would love to join this swap.
I have cards everywhere as inspiration - free postcards are so great, but also buying a card is a great way to support an artist / designer if you cannot quite invest in their bigger pieces.
Can't wait for the swapping to begin.

Anonymous said...

ooh, that would be fun!

jasmine t said...

yip! i too am card/postcard/business card/flyer hoarder!!
I'm in Nz and would love to join!!

angela said...

Thank you to everyone who has joined in I won't take on any new joiners as I think a group of 10 is a perfect amount.

I will email shortly with more details!!

Thank you again : )

Camila said...

Oh, that's too bad, because I was really interested in the card swap! I'm from Brazil and we have a lot of great cards here.

Count me in the next time!

Camila Faria