Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Book cover designs are my weakness so when I discovered these two penguin themed books at the op shop today I couldn't leave without them. And while conveniently on the subject of penguins and book covers I also came across these (pictured below) new penguin classics pattern-inspired book covers. You can find more information about them here and you can admire some more beautiful book covers here!

Psst! If you haven't already heard of Shelfari, may I recommend you take a peek here!


Anonymous said...

oooh. I love them too. How lovely.

Hila said...

They are my weakness too :)
Thanks so much for your message of congratulations about my book publication - I am SO excited!

Sophie Appleby said...

I just love those covers! They are so beautiful. I have a book cover weakness too! Actually just books in general really!
Sophie x

sara said...

those penguins are so sweet!
i've seen pictures of those classic patterned books, they are gorgeous.

edward and lilly said...

mmm.. I love these new patterned covers too, I've stared at them longingly my last two visits to the bookstore.