Tuesday, October 07, 2008

this is...

This is my very late attempt at 'This is...my favourite kitchen tool'. Unfortunately my 'one person only' kitchen doesn't allow me the luxury to obtain many kitchen appliances, truth be told I struggle to share bench space with a toaster and a kitchen sink.

So in a daring, never been done before 'This is' twist I'm sharing what I would love to be my favourite kitchen tool!

Yes, this here (pictured above) coffee machine. I'll put it on my wish list up there with a bigger kitchen.

I owe Sharon from Handmaiden a BIG THANK YOU for hosting while I've been away. I am very grateful!

For this weeks theme I would like to ask My Champagne Dreams for her suggestion.

I have alot of new players to add to the blog roll, hopefully I will have the list updated by Sunday.


MissK said...

Thanks for letting me host,have been out of action lately but am ready to host.

I would love a fancy coffee machine too to make me the most perfect cup,and it's pretty too.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

That's beautiful coffee maker. Hope you get your bigger kitchen, so you can fit it in!

Cathy said...

Hi, someone pointed me in the direction of your blog for your "This Is" posts. I would like to add you to my blog-- www.blogeventsdex.blogspot.com if it's ok and to also have you explain a bit about it to me. Thank you!

Cathy :)

Tracy, mom2many said...

I would love to play "this is" too, what do I need to do?

Lin said...

I'd love to play "This is" as well! How do I get involved?

Carina said...

Hi :) Add me to that list would you please? Thank you.