Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the nap hotel

During the stop over at Hong Kong airport, I paid $37 for a two hour sleep at an airport nap hotel. Best money ever spent!

However, you know that feeling when you have to get up really early for something important and you spend most of the night restless because your constantly telling yourself "sleep because you have to get up early in the morning".

Try sleeping with the meter running... "sleep, sleep, great you've just wasted $5, sleep already!" It's hard work.

Photo credit: 1. polaroid-heart. Thank you Liss for letting me use your photo, I wish the nap hotel room was as pretty but then I guess I would never sleep because I'd be thinking 'this room is sooo good'.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I do that too! The pressure of having to get to sleep. I think a pay-to-nap place is a fantastic idea for an aeroport, especially for those long flights.

It's been so good to read about your trip, thanks for sharing with all of us!

Two Cheese Please

daydream lily said...

I've never heard of a nap hotel. What a great idea! It so funny you posted about this feeling of having to wake up...cause I had a dream last night that I slept through my alarm and missed my flight to india. eek. It felt so real that I woke up thinking it was true. :-(

Little Jane St said...

Beautiful! you are right it would be even harder to sleep - too much to look at!