Sunday, July 13, 2008

this is... what gives me goosebumps

I grew up in the sun drenched tropics, where coconut trees swayed in the warm breeze and a faint aroma of Reef tanning oil lingered about in the hot air.

I was never really prepared for my big move down south where I was to experience a 'Winter'. A cold winter, not a snowing white winter but a stay-close-to-the-heater winter nonetheless. And although this year marks my 12th year of living in Melbourne I must say I have never fully come to embrace it's cold weather.

I have slowly learnt to appreciate the lifestyle changes and the beauty that comes with the colder months but if I had too choose between hot or cold, it would be hot!

So what gives me goosebumps? To this day cold weather... Brrrrr!!!

Thank you Juddie for your choice of themes today. For next weeks theme I would like to ask One Little Acorn for her suggestion.

Photo Credits: 1. In comes the snow!, 2. Venice in the snow..., 3. A Snow Heart For You :) xoxox


Handmaiden said...

Imagine how many goosebumps you would have if you lived in a very cold climate!!!

Jenny said...

It has been very goosebumpy in Adelaide too lately! Love your snowy pjotos.

Dees said...

Love the snow heart photo.I love snow and must admit I don't mind cold either.Here in Holland we don't really get a lot of cold so perhaps I don't know what I am talking about compared to your climate.But I must say the photo's warmed my heart!!!

CurlyPops said...

What a perfect answer for a very chilly Melbourne weekend!

Annalisa Backlund said...

I agree. I don't like extreme heat either, so Sydney is a good spot to live climate wise!

Hila said...

I adore winter :) I'm not really a hot-weather sort of person. It's kind of ironic living in Perth - my friends and family hear me continually whinge during the looong summer.

I love those pictures of snow!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Great photos!

Melbourne is cold. I've braved a couple of winters in Canada where the temperature is often -20oC and lower. I'd happily walk to work each morning in that temperature (sometimes without a hat). Yet bizarrely I still find it REALLY cold in Melbourne!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I'm with you on that one! The Japanese winter just about kills me every year!

Mind you, I don't like really hot days either.. give me spring and autumn.

boobook said...

a snow heart!!
I love it!!
word verification: pvvped

Gemma said...

I love winter :)

I love the snow heart photo too!

Lilli boo said...

I know what you mean Angela...I too moved to Melbourne 12 years ago but from Canberra and having grown up in a town where on average is minus 2 in the morning you'd think Melbourne wouldn't affect me. First winter here I had chill blains..never had them again..never want to...damn it was cold that winter!

Maureen said...

I too love real cold with lots of snow, the kind you would get in Switzerland where they know how to deal with it.

I will send you every hot humid day we get, how 'bout that!

Gorgeous pictures.

Net said...

Great images! It scrambles my brain when I hear about it being cold in Australia. I always imagine it as a country bathed in glorious sunshine ALL the time!

Bec said...

I totally understand - we moved from Melb to Brissy almost 8 years ago now and we still LOVE the mild tropical climate here. Winters in Melbourne used to kill fact, the last time we went back to Melb two years ago it was 14 degrees max on Christmas day!!!! Now that's cruel!!!

Lisa said...

I am the same Angela. I have actually been struggling in Brisbane this winter and am psyching myself up for my Melbourne trip in a few weeks.

one little acorn said...

I grew up in Victoria and I agree with you. If I could spend 6 months in Aus and 6 months overseas, and NEVER see another winter, I would be happy.
Roll on summer!

Nathalie Brault said...

Itand you too. I live here in Quebec where we have winters of minus 45 with wind factor and let me tell you I find it quite cold. And I amd definitly not a winter person. I love summer but not the humidity. So bring me spring spring and more spring. Love your pictures though. I must admit that winter makes the best pictures.

Moiface said...

I've lived in Canada all my life. I have to say that you never really get used to the cold... you simply begin to enjoy the tradition of pain tolerance and the sense of community it brings to have something to complain about haha.

flossy-p said...

My childhood was spent in North QLD, when we moved to the Blue Mountains the cold was something I'd never really experienced. For a while it was great, such a novelty having long flannelette pajamas, slippers, and hot water bottles. The thrill soon wore off though. I agree, warm weather for me too.

Pang said...

yike! cold weather gives me goosebumps too! i guess being born in Thailand didn't help much either.

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