Saturday, July 12, 2008

calendar dates

Thursday 17th July
Design Demystified begins this week as part of the Melbourne International Design Festival. Myself along with three other Melbourne designers have been invited to recreate a snippet of our studio space in the window of Kids In Berlin.

Swing by if you get a chance and view the inspiration boards of Betty Jo, Anna Laura, Madz has Runaway and Sew Your Own.

Sunday 20th July
The Melbourne Design Market is on again this coming weekend and I am excited to report that Victoria Mason will be there selling her amazing jewellery!

Sunday 20th August
Craft Victoria will be hosting the 'Craft and design as a career' seminar again this August. After attending the seminar last year I would highly recommend marking this event in your calendar.

Guest speakers this year include Nicola Cerini, Ben Maxwell from Bamakko and Abigail Crompton from Third Drawer Down.


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Ohh... how I wish I was in Melbourne! Maybe I can make a trip down next year when I'm at least in the same country.

Anna Laura said...

Thanks for the info on this, I have booked myself in and look forward to it!