Tuesday, June 10, 2008

time for a holiday

My good friend who manages Byron Central Apartments has kindly suggested that if you would like to come and stay at their holiday apartments in Bryon Bay he will take 10% off the advertised price shown on their website.

Just let them know I sent you and they will look after you! : )

Thank you for your generous offer Scott!!

Photo Credit: Deck Chairs ll


Maureen said...

Thanks for the response on the 'illustration, angela. I actually do have Photoshop CS so I will try your teachings out. (hmmm...do I want to read blogs or do some work on my own...hmmmm) ;-) Maureen

daydream lily said...

you know I was only just thinking of going on a road trip to byron.
so i might just take up the offer!

Cass said...

Oh how could you tempt me like that