Friday, June 20, 2008

dear frankie

I know it's rather naughty of me as it was only yesterday that I applied for another job with another magazine. But! I thought that I could share my time between the two of you. Please may I come to work on your magazine?

I could hunt vintage treasures at car boot sales for you, I could learn to crochet and make you a lovely granny square throw for your next photo shoot and I can even make your staff a lovely pot of tea, with pink lamingtons of course!

Anxiously waiting your reply.

Angela xx


boobook said...

I want you to work for frankie too!!
Frankie this girl is good and funny and likes kittens and bunnies!!
Hire her!

three buttons said...

Thank you Brooke! Can I hire you for my personal PR girl!!

Angela xx

Hila said...

I want a job too!

boobook said...

i'm all yours for when the time comes!
It will come!
I'm putting it out to the universe for you!

AnastasiaC said...

ohh you scored big with the Donna hay mags - lucky!
is the new FRANKIE out...goody gum drops - love it!!

shula said...

I'm sorry, but for that job you would have to fight to the death with my 14 year old.