Wednesday, May 14, 2008

on my desk

As staged as the top photo looks I really did have a desk full of birds. It amazes me that I can be unaware of such collections until I open my eyes and really see what is in front of me. Remember the day of elephants!

What makes my bird desk-nest so much more interesting is that last Thursday a Miss Bridget Farmer left me a comment and since her name looked new to me I headed over to take peak at her blog. The next day I received an invitation to an exhibition by the Australian Print Gallery and to my surprise Bridget's name and artwork were on the invite. To add last night I received a comment from this bird loving blogger.

Being a bit of a Bower Bird myself of late, the second on my desk photo is of my collection of Sew Your Own-ness combined with some packaging and newsletters for my new addition to the Sew Your Own product line.

On my desk today is...
My very well made and very clever swap card wallet, a present from my friend Pip.
Some bird clips, a present from my friend Sarah.
A parcel of craft fabric from Singapore.
My own bird illustration.
The Australian Print Workshop Gallery invitation.
Princess Tina box.

For more On My Desk-ness you should put the kettle on and head over to visit Kirsty!


Liss said...

I love the bird theme happening on your desk today!!! those birdy clips are just too cute.

Bridget Farmer said...

hi there! thanks for linking to me! I'm enjoying your blog, i'm just about to bookmark it!

Kirsty said...

So much cute pinkness for Sew Your Own & so much birdy goodness.

Danielle said...

looking forward to seeing more sew-you-own-ness... and LOVE your swap card wallet.