Saturday, September 08, 2007

the day of the elephants

Book cover by Pei Pei, Mrs March's Collection, Swap card seen at Mikes, the back of Pei Pei's book cover, Pencil case made by Edna & Alice May.

I acquired and discovered all these treasures one day last week and it wasn't until I was home that I realised the very obvious elephant theme. I can hear my family and friends right now... 'Hurry up and have a baby already!'


Meet Me at Mikes said...

Right - that's it! I am collecting elephants for you, from this moment on!
xx pip

kootoyoo said...

Isn't it weird the way that happens. Everything I've bought this week has been yellow.

emma said...

Oh Angela, I must email you a photo of an elephant I made for Pepper's teacher who very inconveniently went off to have a baby. Or actually I'm not very good at that, so I'll pop it on my blog.