Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i want dat one

Brooke and Moca came to visit me today and I've decided I want a sausage dog tooooo!! Brooke also brought me a special present which I will post tomorrow when there is enough light for a photo. It's really good!

For this week's 'this is...' I would like to ask Dees from Daisy in lala Land for her suggestion. I hope she is up for it!


boobook said...

Just wanted to tell you that i was thinking about it a lot on the way home, and I would be so super happy if you would be Mocas God Mother.
brooke and moca

Michelle said...

It's not just you - I want a sausage dog too. A long haired one.

Dees said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!A wiener dog too and an invite to come up with a theme????wow!As you know,I have a wiener dog too.They are awsome,so happy you are concidering getting one!!!And I will post my idea for this weeks this is tommorrow ok??mmmmmm what will it be....think think think.....thank you so much and hugs from me(also for Moca)

Kirsty said...

Those two are soooo cute. I hope you get that SausO of yours.

Dees said...

Angela I couldn't wait,just posted my entry for this weeks this is.. could you have a quick look for me and tell me if it is ok?If there are not too many mistaked etc etc...or if I should come up with another theme.....oh my this insecurity is driving me nuts!
hugs Dees

Dawn Gahan said...

Angela, I'm new to your blog and absolutely love it. I'm in a much smaller "group" of bloggers but hoping to expand. I've enjoyed playing "This is . . . " and look forward to seeing all the ideas that you and your tagged friends generate (I've made reference to your blog in my first "This is" posting so that others in my group can play).

I've posted one today "This is . . . the contents of my closet" which I'm not sure you all have ever done, but it was what came over me this morning to share with my blog friends and readers.

Thanks again for your inspiration!

The Gahan Girls

Kitty said...

Oooh moca, so very handsome. I would like one too. I met two little sauso's yesterday and the girl sauso was so tiny, and they look at you with such affection. I love them too.

Love&Afros said...

Hey! Just dropping by as I find your blog very inspiring.. not only that but I love sausage dogs too - and pugs. If those two types of dogs could breed together I would be in heaven.
So how do I become a part of the "this is..." group..?