Thursday, April 24, 2008

a bag of goodness

Brooke can do wonders with a sewing machine and a vintage apron! After finding myself a cute apron at the local op shop I asked Brooke to work her magic and now I'm the proud owner one of Brooke's re-salvaged apron bags. It's nice and big, perfect to drop off Sew Your Own orders around town.

In other bag goodness news I was pleasantly surprised to receive a bag of goodies from my regular cafe. Both Gab and Marg are heading off to Spain for their upcoming honeymoon and give me a little going on holidays gift. It is full of coffee beans, tea, spices and some delicious biscuits. I feel very spoilt this week.

If you haven't had a chance to peek at this week's theme, Dee's has posted her 'This is...' theme ready for Sunday.


Sherrin said...

gorgeous bag!

Jogirl said...

Hey there, thanks for letting me know the 411 on the This is..project. I have already done a couple of them, and will do this weeks, but it is going to be soooooo hard! Love your blog by the way, just beautiful. Thanks again.

Kirsty said...

The bag looks fabulous. Great team effort chicks.

pip said...

That Brooke.. She's not a Sook.. she's got a look.. straight out of a book.. when it comes to bags.. her tail it wags.. well if she had one.. that would be fun.. look what she's done.. with an apr-un! Good work you two! You buy.. she make.. you leave now! Pay downstairs! xx