Friday, September 28, 2007

on ya bike

Earlier this week I spotted this very Euro looking bike for sale in a shop window on Mount Alexandra Road, Moonee Ponds. I thought to myself if I didn't already have my turbo injected, 100 gear, boost accelerated bike then I would like this one. After lurking over at Inside a Black Apple I had to share her latest painting above! Oh so stylish!!


Liss said...

oh what a lovely bike ! and I love how it looks identical to the one in Inside a Black Apple's painting.

Ah you've got such nice posts on your blog...I'm enjoying them :-)

Dees said...

It is lovely and just meant to be.It always happens with Miss Emily,she has such good taste in things,just like yourself!

posiepatchwork said...

Did you get the bike?? I have a racey teenagers bike (bought new for my 31st birthday last year, but i wasn't tall enough to have a proper big bike like my husband) & i love my Dorothy style cane basket - out the front. I had a baby seat on the back, until said baby decided he could ride his own bike. Boo hoo. Seriously, he rides about 5km a day to preschool return, then to pick up his sisters return from school - he's 3 1/2 years old!! Anyway, now i ride more slowly with him pedalling at his pace (or i run beside him, easier to give him a push when he needs one), but i love it, as he constantly stops to put flowers (mainly frangipanis, it is Darwin) in my basket. Also an awesome healthy way to do the little trips to the Post Office & corner store. Love Posie

My Happy Turtle said...

That's a great bike. And I love Emily's new painting. I have two of her birdie paintings at home and am thinking of getting some more for my daughter's room.f0rward9

Jodie said...

Thats an awesome bike indeed and everything Miss Emily does is awesome too !