Friday, September 28, 2007

flashback friday

Yipee!! It's Flashback Friday time again. Today's theme is 'You and Your PET'. My first photo is of me and my Grandparents pet Friska. And the second photo is of my family pet Scrumpy. Oh Scrumpy how I miss you, you scrumpidelicious doggy you! Although I didn't take this photo of Scrumpy, I seemed to be more taking the photo of Scrumpy rather than being in the photo with Scrumpy.

If you would like to see who else is participating in Flashback Friday, Fiona has kindly placed links of all players on the side of her blog.

I would love to ask Kirsty from Kootoyoo for our theme for next week. I hope she is up for it?


one little acorn said...

They are gorgeous pics. I am totally jealous. I desperately wanted a dog as a kid and to this day I have never had one.

I dream of one day having enough space to own a scruffy dog of my own (not unlike your Scrumpy). Very very cute.

boobook said...

Oh these photos are beautiful. Look at the both of you. I want you to have a dog Angela!

Happy Flashback Friday
I'm posting your winners prize today!!

Anonymous said...

What great photos.
I remember those concrete tubs.
We used to get bathed in them as babies.
Can't wait til next week.

Dees said...

Scrumpy is totally adorable in the pic.Looks like a sort of mix with a poodle in it.I always love those!
PS I still bath my wiener dog Brechtje in one of those concrete tubs!Every week!

Lark said...

That is hilarious and gorgeous, you honestly look just the same today as you did then! Scrumpy is adorable. Are you still broody?
Allison x

Claire Falkingham said...

GO Scrumpy! Love him!!

Kirsty said...

Oh so cute - both of you. Yes I'm up for theme selection.

Cherryskin said...

He's so Scrumpy, you could hug him! That pic of you and Friska looks like some kind of beautiful arty print -- lovely.