Saturday, May 03, 2014


Well hello! I noticed I haven't popped into this space for close to one year and although I always intend to start regularly blogging again it just never really works out that way. I've been spending my days tending to the whims and fancies of my imaginative and playful three year old, baking, gardening and jumping in puddles. I do hope I can pop into the space again regularly, to share what I've been looking at, what's been inspiring me and what I've been doing. Fingers crossed!


katiecrackernuts said...

Do come back. Do. Soon.

Angela said...

Bless you Katiecrackernuts!! I'm going to really try : )

Rie said...

Go on, try for us! I've decided to head back into bloggy land for my morning tea time (beats reading the newspaper!), so I sit my boy who is 3 down with his 'cuppa tea' & cookie in front of PeppaPig or something like that & I have my morning tea in front of the laptop!'s just taken me 3, yes 3 goes at proving that I'm not a ruddy robot with the word verification thingy! arghhhhh

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