Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Guitars, guinea pig's and opshop finds.

I'm going to join the Fleamarket Finds meme, if there is one thing I can do with my toddler these days it is to visit opshops. Lets hope it lasts! And I'm so glad he got over the opshop phobia stage.


Megan.K. said...

I still manage to visit op-shops with a 15 year old in tow! It's all about training them early :)

Love these photos (as I always do)


Kate said...

I love these pics too.
And you reminded me of an instagram conversation we had when we were still away and Miss pepper had just had an almighty tanty in an op shop when I refused to buy her a pair of red stilettos. Ahhhhh memories.
Have a great week! xx

dear olive said...

Hello, I've only just found your beautiful blog (following along now). I used to have that love heart top too (somewhere along the way, the elastic gave out and it ended up getting tossed. Seeing it now makes me miss it.) I'll be back! Kellie xx