Saturday, July 16, 2011


Crochet project, special treats and opshop finds. Bliss.


Jennie said...

Love these shots!

I would like to start a blanket like that - how are you finding the chevron?x

angela said...

Hi Jennie!

I had several attempts at starting my ripple blanket andI still haven't perfected the start but I'm certainly getting the hang of it now. It is totally addictive and calming!

Have a go, you'll love it!

Lizeylou said...

Now that sounds like my kind of day - Love it!!

handmade romance said...

bliss indeed : )
sounds and looks like wonderful times x

Aloysius said...

that cooking pot is superb!!! I must have it, or one like it :P It's crazy what you'll find in op shops. love your blog x