Sunday, March 20, 2011

pay for japan

My daily thoughts are still with the continuing distaster in Japan. I have donated in several ways and wanted to share this link to Pay for Japan where some or all of the proceeds will be going towards the relief effort.

Image Credits via Pay of Japan:
Postcards by Catkin and Teasel, Furoshiki by Link X Lucinda Newton Dunn.


missfee said...

thanks for the great tip - love the scarf and had to have one - the black and white ones are really cute too

Mlle Paradis said...

I especially love the furoshiki.

Wonderful efforts all. I'm someone who believes we have to go beyond financial donations. More money was raised for Haiti relief than for any disaster dating back to 9/11 and little has changed there in over a year.

I am encouraging everyone possible from politicians, community leaders, Japanese consuls, Avaaz, to Oprah to push for more hands on assistance specifically airlifts of food, generators and fuel, specialized medical supplies AND helping hands, even though some governments are now evacuating their search and rescue teams because of radiation fears.

my site has references and links to news reports and organizations posted over the last few days. i just feel that the scale of the catastrophe is too big, and that natural Japanese reserve is working against the Japanese people. Time is being lost, and the troubles multiply and compound in the meantime. They threaten to become insurmountable for the Japanese government and unspeakably tragic.

It only takes a few quick emails, I'm pleading for the world community to speak up and ask your leaders to help NOW!

Thanks if you can!

Welcome to the Dollhaus said...

HELLO sweetheart

you have such a lovely blog Angela
I very much enjoy reading through all
of your musings and findings :)

I've recently set up my own little blog
just around the corner!
I'm still learning and it's barely a week old
(so not all of my links are active yet)
but please take a peek...

I think that you might like it!

We've met once before...

at The Rose St. Artist's Market!
You purchased a ' deer ' little pillow from me
and we had such a lovely chat.

I very much appreciated the write up
that you gave my label-

Raised by the Wolves

the Pa¥ for Japan project is fantastic...

when people take this kind of initiative, and
use what they're making to spread the love,
I think it's really more than wonderful!
( it sure beats doing nothing to help.. )

I've created my own post/link to the site (& to you)

I wish that my own shops were ready for action
so that I could get involved with the fundraising...
I guess for now I'll have to be content with buying
(which isn't too difficult given all the lovely things)

If you come across any other fabulous projects
give us the heads up, It's always appreciated!

cheers Anna

Cookie Cutter said...

Thinking about Japan too. Hope things will stabilize soon and people can get some normalcy back into their lives.

elseseven said...

Having been in the Japan earthquake myself (albeit in Tokyo where we certainly felt it and have rationing, radiation issues, transport issues, power cuts and so on but thank god not in the Tohoku region), I think this is great. My (now) four month old daughter and I were lucky enough to be able to get out and go to Sydney where we are remaining for now but my husband is still there. I am actually selling off my handmade stuff too to donate to the Red Cross.