Friday, March 04, 2011

giveaway winner

Thank you for all your comments regarding my Peppermint magazine giveaway, I wish I had more copies to give but alas the only copy I have goes to the lucky owner of the Labour of Love blog. Hurrah! Stay tuned for another giveaway soon!

P.S. (the image above is from the Fern Living blog... lots of goodies to see, go have a peek)!


CHOCHI said...

I love your blog!!

Labour of Love said...

YIPPEEE!!!! bonjour, Angela! thank you so much for visiting my world+for the lovely comment...YAYAYAYAYAY!!! March truly is becoming one LUCKY month for me...i can't believe i won your Peppermint Magazine...WOW! thank you again for hosting such a sweet giveaway! i absolutely adore anything from Australia...such a beautiful country + the women truly know how to create magnificent parties + unique creations! ps. love, love, LOVE your blog+ will be an avid follower, for sure!!! i'm e-mailing you my snail mail...YIPPEE~you truly made my day even sweeter!!! xoxo jo;)

Labour of Love said...

Bonjour, Sweet Angela! Hooooorayyyyy!!! A sweet package from Australia arrived safely into my arms...I absolutely LOVE receiving snail mail esp. from overseas...I love the postage stamp...WOW...that was quite $$$ to send, huh? Thank you so very much for hosting such a great giveaway! I truly love your lil' heart're one creative soule for sure!!! What a fab magazine...I can't wait until my munchkins head off to school so I could just enjoy every luscious page...merci beaucoup for sending such loveliness my way...would love to keep in touch...your world is definitely going to be a favourite daily read!
Thanks so much for the sweet far the munchkins have me running around these days but I'm trying to set some time to draw soon...hopefully my next piece will be up soon...I'll post a pic of your sweet package soon too! You're the best! xoxo jo;)