Friday, June 25, 2010


I've always had a soft spot for candy stripes so obviously I feel in love when I discovered these online tonight. You can find the stripey bags from here and stripey straws from here. I discovered the stripey straws from a very beautiful foodie photography blog called What Kate Ate, Kate is not only an amazing photographer but her styling is just as beautiful.

And on the subject of online discoveries, I also spotted these amazing chocolate pencils. I don't think they would last long in my pencil case!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

baby bus bump

When I've needed to catch the bus into work, I try to remember to take a birds eye view of my baby bump with my phone camera. I'll have to take some more bus rides over the next 10 weeks to chart my expanding progress.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a heart found its way to me

This morning a parcel arrived in my mailbox, it was an order I placed yesterday from Upon a Fold's website. How pretty is the package! And I can highly recommend the Tokyo by Tokyo book that was inside.

Monday, June 21, 2010

i would if i could

If I could, I would do some baking, plant some herbs in terracotta pots, take my own photos again and search for fortuitous hearts. I would post more and tell you about how my little bump is going (growing), I would be nesting, I would be making, I would be busy preparing for my little ones arrival but instead I have been fending off cold, after cold, after cold, after cold.

I'm now recovering from cold number 4, the 4th in as little as a month and a half. And not just any fly by night cold, no a six day bedridden spectacular and after a ten day recovering period, I'm heading back out into the world and DANG, I'm struck again. And I always thought I was lucky to carry my pregnancy throughout the colder months as I would be saved from summer pregnancy symptoms but I'm not feeling so lucky anymore.

So for now I'm nursing my hot honey and lemon drink once more, nursing my exhausted body back to good health and slowly watching the final count down begin. Today I am 30 weeks, 10 more weeks to go!

Image credits: 1. Tiny square cakes recipe book. 2. Image from Sarah's Loft blog, go see her beautiful cloud cookies!!, thank you Dawn for the introduction. 3. Found over on this great blog. 4. That's my heart I found one day on the street : )

four faves

Top Image: Donna Wilson cushion
Second Image: Tote bag found via Dudua found via Meet Me at Mikes
Image Three: Shapes envelopes via Upon A Fold
Image Four: Puppets made by Yu Yasutak

Thank you Pip for your faves meme, sorry for the four and not five!

Sunday, June 06, 2010


I've only myself to blame for ignorantly believing that my iPhone camera wasn't a 'real' camera therefore you couldn't possibly take photography seriously from a phone camera but after discovering a new underground movement of iPhoneographanatic's I stand corrected!

Take Melbournian iPhone photographer Misho Baranovic for instance, the images above have all be taken from his iPhone and are without a doubt just as artistic and inspiringly beautiful as those taken from any SLR camera.

With this new awareness I think I will be taking my little phone camera a little more seriously and I will be keeping an open mind (and eye) when out and about in Melbourne in future.