Tuesday, October 05, 2010

soft toy

I can't wait until things settle a little around here and I can blow the cobwebs of my sewing machine. I was hoping to give it an airing during my four weeks off before Luka's arrival but I guess he was too keen to enter the world and not much fussed about having a nice, bright nursery room all to himself.

It does feel like things are feeling a little less overwhelming now with Luka entering into his 9th week, I have been told by several mothers that 10 weeks is THE week when everything just seems to run so much smoother. Have you had this experience? Would you agree that 10 - 11 weeks is like a magic number in which little bubs settles a little and the house returns to a somewhat normal state again?

Did you know it's that time of year again that Pip puts the call out for everyone to take part in Softies For Mirabel, maybe that could be my goal to get me back into the making, creating swing of things.

Image one: made by the talented Ninon.
Image two: made by Marie Mrnavkova.


bec said...

Most people say that 'magic number' never happens, you just eventually get used to everything being hurly burly!

Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

The fourth trimester is certainly the toughest. What we found with Tori was every time we had that "ah ha" moment, the game plan would change. She would roll, teeth would come, she would get a cold. After 12 weeks you are more used to the idea of constant chaos, but not much settles down!

Sarah said...

I remember with both bubs feeling like it was becoming easier at about 12 weeks.

I think that the whole first year is so big - utterly exhausting but so amazing to watch your little person's lights all switching on - one by one - as they gradually meet their world.

Tania said...

If that was the memo going around it never reached this house! For us it's always been a rollercoaster ride of swings and roundabouts. Just as you think things are going really easily there's a behavioural or snotty nose curve ball. One thing I did remember to hold tight to once we were up to the third babe is the principle that you never, ever, not ever, admit that your baby is sleeping well. Like a red rag to a no longer sleeping bull, that.

SadieandLance said...

I recall the 12 week mark being bandied about too. And I do remember feeling like I knew what was happening a bit more by week 12.

But I agree with the others, in that it's not so much about the baby settling down as much as you feeling like you're strapped in nice and tight to the rollercoaster and ready to take whatever comes your way.

Just enjoy the ride and take it easy on yourself!