Saturday, May 29, 2010

handmade baby

I've been finding some online inspiration and patterns to satisfy my recent 'nesting' mood.
Cloud + Raindrop Mobile found via Sweet Tidings.
Heart Sweater made by Yarning.

P.S. (Can anyone recommend some good gardening blogs)? Nest, nest!!


Betty Jo said...

Oh the jumper...clucky me.
If you like those rain drops, but can't be bothered making them, i found some other nice ones and blogged them here-

Stella said...

oooh I'm so excited for you! It already seems so long ago, but those moments of waiting seem so precious now... I mean, it was literally less than a year ago but it could be ten. Enjoy!

Little House of Limes said...

sooo cute! i adore anything rain clouds :) have fun with your nesting dear x