Tuesday, May 04, 2010

flea market tokyo style

Did you happen to see the Tokyo flea market snapshots on The Satorialist's blog a few weeks ago? After spying a Mottainai Flea Market sign in one of his photographs, I went on a google search to find out more and with a little research I discovered that the term Mottainai is a Japanese concept that represents not being wasteful.

Held in various locations, the Mottainai Flea Markets offer much of what you would expect from a flea market such as secondhand clothing, toys, knick knacks and the occasional traditional Japanese souvenirs. The Yoyogi Park flea market, held once a month, represents a young demographic of vendors and is my guess as to where this photo was taken above, although I could be wrong.

I wonder if The Satorialist will make it to our Melbourne Camberwell Market during his Australian visit. Hope so!

Image Credit: The Satorialist.


muchlove said...

How interesting! I would love to see what kind of knick knacks we could find at a Japanese flea market :)

Kate said...

Oooh interesting! I wondered where those shots were taken - thanks for doing the hard yards, Angela!

Amy (badskirt) said...

I did a Japanese Antique/Flea Market when I was there last month. Simply grand!


BTW: thanks for the top secret thrift tip in your guide! It was ace for me!

JanuskieZ said...

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AnastasiaC said...

i loved those images too!! i cant wait to go to Japan!

JesseJoe said...

woww !!
i love japanese :)
btw , i love your blog .
would you mind to check my blog ?


elseseven said...

I live in Tokyo and love shopping at the flea markets. That one looks like it might be Meiji Koen as at Yoyogi you can't bring your cars in. :) Great bargains - but the clothes are mostly very very tiny. :)

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