Friday, April 23, 2010


After discovering Lullatone via Pip's blog, I went ahead and ordered baby's first CD "Songs that spin in circles". Now I'm on the hunt for a xylophone, fingers crossed that I'm lucky enough to find one at Camberwell Markets similar to the one lucky Sarah found.

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Bellgirl said...

Lovely images!

If you can't find a thrifty xylophone, I got an excellent glockenspiel from Windmill: I had an op shop one, but being a singer I needed one that was absolutely in tune!

Windmill also has gorgeous bells for baby music fun:

Sundari said...

yay for quirky musical instruments. I wanted to get my neices a xylophone a while back. I totally forgot about it. I've been thinking about getting a ukulele for a while.

that kate said...

I do love Lullatone and this has just reminded me i have to buy that album for a friend when her son is born! Thanks!

Allana said...

I love lullatone :)
I'm thinking of a xylophone for my 3 1/2 year old daughters christmas present, maybe a oxfam one :)