Monday, August 10, 2009

pantone pom pom

I have just finished reading about Anita Cummins who 'wrapped, wound and trimmed over 700 pom poms in a myriad of colours and tones' for her current exhibition.

The Pantone Pom Pom exhibition is at Mailbox 141 until 22 August.

This one is on my weekend visit list!


Pip Lincolne said...

Come over and make pompoms with me sometime. I have a special pompom maker. Um. That sounds wrong. But it's true. I do. Also I have shingles. But I will be better soon.
xxx and ooo
your pal

Hello Sandwich said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE pom poms! Thank you for this lovely post!

Pip!!! you have a pom pom maker! thats AMAZING! oh no shingles! poor possum! please get better soon sweet heart!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich

yardage girl said...

I love this idea - thanks for the head up!

Margaret said...

Oh wow! How wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing

handmade romance said...

awesome : ) thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic exhibition. Some nice photos over on flickr as well. Thanks for the post Angela.

ashley said...

i think pom poms are wonderful,
but i would never be disciplined enough to create that many and then colour coordinate them,
that looks amazing, have fun,
x ashley