Friday, August 07, 2009

eye spy... a collection

I spied a collection theme over at Bug and Pop's and decided to join along to show my little slowly evolving collection of ceramic figurines.

I started my ceramic collection to have as bonboniere gifts for a wedding that I'm still slowly preparing for. Imagine how cute they will look with lace cloth and ribbon filled with white almonds tied to around each one, they will be so hard to part with : )

Banana smoothies for strawberry sundays has a weak spot for ceramic figurines too!


AnastasiaC said...

so frickin cute!!! makes me want to start a new collection!

Cindy said...

How cute, no I don't think you can break up the family. Perhaps you can glue them to the table so guests can only take the almonds and leave the cutness behind!

Pip Lincolne said...

NO! You can't give these away! These are for your glory box! Maybe something else for the bonboniere?!

PS - The Name was Ingrid.

Arthur's Circus said...

I'm with pip, no way can you give them away..or if you do can I come to the wedding? ha ha

Betty Jo said...

I saw a collection similar to this at the Nunawading Salvos yesterday.
Someone's cute collection was offered up to the charity gods. They are probably still there waitin' for you......!

Little Jane St said...

Such a sweet idea! But I agree - they will be so hard to part with:)

tess said...

OMG, you cannot give these up!!! too cute. I have the same cats :) but not as many cute lil' ones as you seem to have.
PS - betty jo saw a collection at Salvos and DIDN'T PICK THEM UP?
you're all mad!!