Sunday, July 26, 2009


After spotting a knitting book of mittens on the Cinq website, I had to do some research to find out more about the pretty mittens found on the front cover.
Here is some of what I came across in my google searching!

Image 1: I stumbled across these beautifully made Squirrel Swedish Mittens made by Hello Yarn using a free pattern generously written by Elli from Elliphantom Knits.

Image 2: I spied this beautiful photo over tempting yarn here.

Image 3: 'The Book'... Stickmönster på Öland - Maria Leimar, ISBN: 9163087545.

Image 4: Mittens and gloves bought today at the Camberwell Markets!! Also purchased, a copy of the latest Melbourne Design Guide at the Coventry bookstore.

Image 5: Beautifully made and photographed herringbone mittens with poms by Elli. Elli has generously written a pattern to freely download from her blog.

I'm starting to think I want to undertake another new challenge!! Conquering these skills might take me sometime but I'm happy to show you my work in progress along the way!!

Now I'm off to learn knitting 101.


myf said...

i though of you and 'open' when i flicked through the melbourne design guide.

Kuka said...

oooh yes - i love those squirrel mittens! I've made two pairs using that pattern - one for me and one for my mum =)

Kylie said...

You are so amazing Angela! Is there nothing you can't do?! :) Loved the mitten show - thanks! K

Tania said...

Hooley Cadooley! I just bought a stash of wool and now you're talking mittens. Now I just need an extra three months worth of winter.

Hello Sandwich said...

soooo cute! I want some super kawaii mittens myself! Nice research lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

becka said...

Yay! I love mittens! I'm halfway through those last herringbone ones (I was halfway through in is now summer, I'm going to pick them up again in the Fall when it cools down!)and for my first ever colour work I've really enjoyed them! I ended up doing them on 2 circulars because using double pointed needles just made me crazy, haha.

at swim-two-birds said...

They're all wonderful!!!
I think i'm gonna try the herringbone pair.
Thanks a lot for sharing:-)

gini said...

i love the first ones!!!!!

teddybearswednesday said...

the mittens are gorgeous!! You go for it, I know the ones you make will be so lovelyz1

Beach Vintage said...

I am off to Melbourne on Thursday and how I need these!

Hila said...

oh those mittens look like heaven! My fingers are so cold at the moment :)

handmade romance said...

thanks for the great links! i love that image from cinq, i have it on my pinboard and am so jealous you stumbled across this gorgeous store in your travels. happy knitting, would love to see any progress action x