Friday, July 17, 2009


Here is a glimpse at what I saw at the Design:Made:Trade show this week!

1. Wrapped by housemouse.
2. Foundry.
3. Lox + Savvy.
4. Makedo.
5. Boniko.


P.S. (Murphs said a BIG thank you for all the lovely comments he received : )
P.P.S. (I'm very sorry that my Open blog hasn't been updated in a while, I'm fighting a crochet addiction. I hope to be posting over there again soon)!!


meg dunley said...

I went too & thought it was brilliant - bigger than last year - more folks & gorgeous clever stuff to see. Worth getting down to

Kylie said...

That housemouse print is so arresting! Great glimpse - thanks :) K

Pip Lincolne said...

DesignBoom Mart was my most very favourite bit. (Apart from our lovely Victoria Mason, of course!!) Super great light bright photos, Nu.

Lark said...

Ooh, looks nice! Foundry have opened a shop here in Daylesford. x