Tuesday, June 23, 2009

tiny cheesecakes recipe book

Along my travels in Tokyo I bought the most beautiful tiny cheesecake recipe book, the styling and images are amazing! Wait till I show you the Tiny square cakes recipe book!


Kirsty said...

Eeeek...super cute!

Kylie said...

Very cute - but then all of those Japanese books are amazing + super gorgeous. what I'd like to know is if you're sharing any recipes!? :) K

angela said...

I wish I could share the recipes but unfortunately they are in Japanese.


Kasey said...



amy said...

your posts are always so lovely, with beautiful photography too!
i love reading what you've been up to, and i'm currently making my very own miss buttons!
i just gave you a lovely award on my blog :)

Make it Easy said...

cute!!! hope you got more wonderful treasures from japan!