Friday, June 19, 2009

so... what about the fabric?!

Good question! What about the fabric?!

Well, for me personally I found that the majority of fabric was already available to me in the patchwork shops in Melbourne. Although cheaper, I do buy my fabric wholesale here in Australia for my own business Sew Your Own.

After visiting quite a few fabric department stores I decided that I would only buy fabric that was extremely new to me and desperately worth having. That said the few places that did sell exquisite fabric were expensive by the metre and would only sell by the metre. Again, another agonising decision was made to buy or just enjoy the inspiration rather than paying the big bucks to ship it home. I decided to take the inspiration!

So, what I did find were some very beautiful and off the beaten track fabric stores all of which were very happy for me to take photos to show you!

So, the first gem of a fabric/craft stores that I discovered was Merceria Pulcina in Daikanyama.

And this is what I bought... some beautiful contact paper!

Stay tuned for some more fabric store gems!


keepup said...

That contact is so nice. Have you been to the Blythe shop? Junie Moon? it is so cute.

Amy (badskirt) said...

I fly out first thing sunday! Can you hit me with the addresses of those gems tomorrow?! =)

I'd be very very appreciative!

ellie said...

I can't wait for all these little snippets of fabric stores. What fun. Thanks for sharing.

Hello Sandwich said...

That looks so beautiful! I will definitely go to this shop when I am in Tokyo in January.

Anonymous said...

oooh! Love that first pic!

angela said...

Hello keepup! Yes, I did visit Junie Moon and it was VERY cute :D