Tuesday, June 30, 2009

made with love

Today my copy of Peppermint magazine arrived in the mail. In the past I've unfortunately lucked out on getting my hands on a copy as they sell like hotcakes from the newsagents stands. Avoiding the same fate for this issue I went online and subscribed.

And what a beautiful magazine Peppermint is!!!

In this issue, myself and 14 other crafters and designers contributed to the article Made With Love: the world of DIY. Tess Curran pieced together a beautifully written article that brings together the thoughts on cyber community, sustainability and crafting with conscience. It's a great read!

Here is a list of those who were featured in the article

One Red Robin

Rourke & Henry
Red Seed Studio
Anna Laura
Betty & Hamish
Love, Janie Lou
Betty Jo
Dear Fii
Two Cheese Please
Tabitha Emma
Old Yarns: reclaimed linens

Justine Telfer also gives a great interview about the role Mixtape has had in raising the profile of the DIY craft movement. Another great read!!


Daydream Lily said...

yay, I hope my issue is at home waiting for me. This looks awesome, congrats on the article, I look forwards to reading it!

Beach Vintage said...

Wow, great mag. i had no idea it existed. i will pop down to the newsagent and see if I can get a copy. Thanks for sharing.

petapledger said...

I will check if my newsagent has it too!

CurlyPops said...

Wow I might have to go and search the local newsagent!

ellie said...

It is a fantastic article isn't it! Tess is such an excellent writer (she's the features writer for Peppermint). I do love the way she's woven this craft article together letting every one of us tell our stories.
I made those letters (i mention shyly). Was so glad to be able to contribute to this mag that I love so much.
Ellie (Red Seed Studio) (petalplum)

Tania said...

On to it. You don't need to tell me twice...

REread said...

i got mine in the mail too ... very exciting and I found a little photo of one of my necklaces in there!! a promo for BrisStyle !!

Kylie said...

It's so fabulous, isn't it? I got mine in the mail too, thank goodness! Congratulations on your inclusion! K

handmade romance said...

oh i love this mag too. i snuck my subscription in last edition and got mine yesterday too ; )
yet to look through so will have to keep my eye out for you and this great article when I do.

Selina said...

It looks brilliant! Well done!

tess said...

awwh, thanks for the kind words, and glad you liked the article! i wish there had of been room for more pictures, but as you saw, there was soooo much copy! you all had great things to say :)

thanks for supporting peppermint!


mixtapezine said...

yAy! Peppermint is the business
justine xx

Jennifer Ramos said...

Oh, I'd love to see this mag...I bet the articles are quite interesting. I usually have to go to blogs to read about artists who make handmade products etc.
Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'