Monday, June 08, 2009

found on the street

I can't help myself!! I'm heart obsessed!


Tania said...

Yep - and you have me obsessively seeing 'em everywhere too. Amazing how much hearty goodness there is around and about if you are prepared to look!

K. Sundari said...

That is adorable! I must admit I don't really pay enough attention when I'm out on the road. This is so cute!

muchlove said...

cute!! I'm very heart-obsessed too. I saw a cloud shaped like one once :)

Juddie said...

Lovely, Angela!

I've added a few pics to the 'Fortuitous Heart' Flickr pool this evening as well. I love the pool - it makes me smile!

(I'm registered as Uedagirl in Flickr - Ueda was the name of the town I lived in in Japan).