Friday, June 05, 2009

brown owls

Not long ago, I designed some very special online badges for an excellent craft group, Brown Owls!

I started the initial Brown Owls illustration in Illustrator and then applied some fancy artwork in Photoshop. The brushes I used in Photoshop are from this very excellent free brush library! May I suggest you download a free 30 day trial of Photoshop and try some of these great brushes for yourself!!! I promise it will revolutionize your life... if not your party invites!!

You can find the stitch brush I used here!

P.S. (I receive no sponsorships from Adobe but I receive an abundance of joy from sharing : )


Alison said...

Photoshop is a joy isn't it.

boobook said...

Thanks for the handy hints angela!! Photoshop is good isn't it?! Xxx

amy said...

i can't believe you made these on a computer. they look so real! (as in they look like patches that should be sewn onto a bag, not created from a mouse!)amazing.

Gladys said...

thanks for sharing!