Tuesday, May 05, 2009

another furoshiki

Another pretty quilted furoshiki by Mairuru. She makes them so beautifully well! This one is available from her Etsy store. Quick sticks me thinks!! : )


maçã said...

I love the patterns and colors, but sorry, I can't understand what this is :( This is like a scarf?

three buttons said...

The furoshiki can be used as an alternative to wrapping paper so you can wrap your gifts with a pretty cloth.

It can then be re-used over and over again : )

Hello Sandwich said...

I am so in love with mairuru ever since your give away! I love her little onigiri pouches too! Amazing! We should try and meet her in Tokyo - or is she your friend already?
Love love
Hello Sandwich

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the yellow - I have quite a yellow obsession at the moment. What a beautiful concept for wrapping - is it a traditional Japanese thing?