Thursday, April 16, 2009

viva la craft

Today I finally made it to Craft Victoria to view Viva La Craft, a exhibition of craft experimentation by Chicks on Speed. It's amazingly bright and colourful and well worth a visit before it ends on the 24th of April.

You can also contribute your own thread and needle handiwork within the exhibition, it's a work in progress communal project but you have to be quick with only a week left!

Photo credit: Screen shot taken from the Craft Victoria website.


Craft Victoria said...

Thank you for visiting us! And also thank you for your nice post on Craft Hatch. A little bird told us the May market is going to be chock-full of fresh talented young things!


Inside Out said...

Discovered your blog through Ebony's hypervivid Hello Sandwich. Love it and linked it!
Lee Tran