Thursday, October 02, 2008

the flight about flight of the conchords

Boarding the plane from Copenhagen to London, Allison and I met a Danish man named Ep - (phonetically spelt)(!)

Ep, was kind enough to offer to hold two available seats for us on our easy jet flight as a) there are no allocated seats on the flights and b) he possessed a magical 'A' class boarding pass that gave him the privilege to board first.

In return to his generosity I introduced him to the Flight of the Conchords via the magical video iPod and after watching a couple of episodes 'Ep' questioned me about the comical duo.

As it turned out 'Ep' shared a house with a top executive from the BBC and was eager to convince his housemate to give them some air time.

Smooth pick up line or was there an element of truth (?) I'll be watching the BBC tv guide to confirm. Watch this space.


Cass said...

Well if it's true they will owe you big time!

beccasauras said...

Hi, love the blog and have posted you a favourite blog award if you want to play along.

Maureen said...

I think this whole story is worth a tv episode of its own. ;-)

Net said...

Erm, sorry Angela, Flight of the Conchords are already on the BBC, they've been on BBC Radio and BBC TV. Didn't wanna be a party-pooper...

It's a good story though (and you could still claim responsibility - I know I would if I had that story to tell at parties;) ).

handmade romance said...

Ah what a shame - just read net's comment! Good story though.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.
We aren't heading to Copenhagen this trip but your comment is making me wish we were - there is just to much too see isnt there! Perhaps if there is ever a next time.

We are starting in the UK, then some of Europe. For so long I have wanted to see Barcelona so that dream will come true...its all so very exciting!! Our trip finishes up in Cuba and then NYC!

Im debating over luggage at the moment though, size and type. Suitcase vs backpack...any suggestions?

Lara said...

Hah awesome story!! Ahh those elusive A class boarding passes. I like to call them 'difficult jet'.

Hila said...

ha, that is the best story! This is why I love travelling :)