Wednesday, July 09, 2008

on my desk

Today I've cheated a little, well alot actually. This is what was on my desk last Wednesday! Truth be told I didn't see much of my desk today as I was out and about braving Melbourne's cold weather.

Along my travels today I came across some very cute height charts from Cocoon Couture. I've just spent the last ten minutes looking over their website and I must say I'm quite smitten by their squirrel bookends also.

Thank you Kirsty for the On My Desk love!


A said...

I saw the Cocoon Couture stuff in at the NGV shop a few weeks ago and was smitten! Almost came out with a height chart, book ends and beanbag but just couldn't choose which design so came out with nothing! (Which hubby is very pleased about......)

Kirsty said...

Those height charts are so lovely!

Your desk full of fabric looks wonderful too.

boobook said...

oh oh oh look at your fabric love!!
Great height charts too!!

Maureen said...

Looks like quite a sewing storm ahead!