Friday, July 25, 2008

nannas and biddy bags

Today when I heard a techno mobile ring tone on the tram, I certainly wasn't expecting to see the lovely very elderly lady (80+) sitting in the front seat to be reaching into her bag to take her mobile phone call. It certainly gave me a warm smile! I do hope that when I get older I can keep up and embrace new technology the way she has. And I'm equally impressed by the lovely lady's from Biddy Bags who mix making a living from their well mastered crafts and selling online. You ladies rock!

Photo credits: 1. Audrey's Biddy Bag, 2. The Vintage Girls


Maureen said...

I love it! Biddy Bags. Great name for a blog... You know there are many cell phones that are terribly basic with just the bottom line service, and huge buttons. When I balked at getting a cell when dh wanted to get me one, he was tempted to get me the geezer phone. (I was afraid he'd call me all the time and I'd feel like I was on a short leash in this new marriage...)

Yrs pass and I am counting the days till I get my Iphone! LOL

boobook said...

I love these bags!!
How cute is the website!
And miss blasko is on there too!!
Thank you for sharing!

Betty Jo said...

I have a cute pink Biddy Bag. It is a special fave. Good luck at Kids...liz

little red hen said...

I agree those gals rock!