Monday, June 02, 2008

i heart

Victoria Mason surprised me recently when she shared she had designed a necklace inspired by a photo I had sent her.

It all began with my love of looking for heart shapes in obscure places. I'm in awe when I spy a heart shape in an unexpected place however my favourite moment was during a crafternoon when my heart trim fall on the floor in the shape of a love heart. I had shared my heart story with Victoria over a lunch time catch-up and I emailed her the photo that afternoon.

So you could imagine my surprise and delight when she showed me her 'i heart' necklace! It is absolutely adorable!! Black cm on the front & red inches on the back! It makes me smile. Alot!

You can find Victoria's 'i heart' necklace at Meet Me at Mikes. Feel free to contact Victoria directly via her website if you would like to find a stockist near you.


Tara said...

I adore that necklace but I can't find it on her website. Could you list a link to it? I'd love to forward it to my hubby for a gift idea!

Michelle said...

Wow! What a great source for inspiration! And what a great honour. I love that necklace.

vic said...

when you told me you'd taken a photo of a random heart shape that you'd spotted on the floor, i
was blown away by what a beautiful&positive way to look at the world that was. you're an inspiration Miss Angela!
ps. there isn't a picture up on my website yet..oops

danica said...

The necklace is gorgeous...I too adore anything with a love heart shape :)

boobook said...

i forgot to tell you that while I was looking out of the plane window today, I saw a dame in the shape of a love heart!
I wondering if the farmer even knows it?
I love Vics necklace too!!

Kirsty said...

I HEART that necklace sooo much. You & Vic & the story is wonderful.

sweetcheese said...

If you love finding hearts in obscure places then you must check out Pia Jane Bijkerk's "My Heart Wanders" project at:
(That is, if you haven't already submitted your lovely photos.)
And thank you for the blogging tips!

Hila said...

That is such a lovely necklace! I'm a sucker for hearts :)

Danielle said...

That's a great inspiration story. I've got to get me one of these, they are absolutely beautiful!

Bec said...

That is so very very cool! And it gives me a nice warm feeling hearing about how the craft community continues to inspire and support one another. Lovely :)

BigCat said...

It's a great necklace and a great story. How exciting to be the inspiration behind such a wonderful piece. I think you have us all saving our pennies and wishing.

Bridget Farmer said...

oh my goodness! I used to collect heart shapes all over the place too, i found chewing gum was my most popular photographed heart shapes, my favourite was a heart shaped patch of mud on a pony.
people used to walk past me while i was taking a photo of the pavement, they always had a quizzical look on their faces. you probably experience this too?!
unfortunately my collection was before the days i had a digital camera so i only have one copy of each photo. i made them into a book that i was going to give my boyfriend, but i split up with him before valentines came around!