Saturday, May 24, 2008

the friday archives - on saturday again

The only thing I have been consistent with lately is being consistently late!

Above are my Friday Archive drawings for this week. I was once told by an art teacher that if you can master drawing a pear you can master drawing the human form.

I once attended life drawing classes at the Hawthorn Artists Society many years ago. I distinctly remember a guy who attended every weekend looking very much like Brad Pitt. This small fact made me awkward whenever I interacted with him as I felt like he was famous. Strange that.

For next weeks archives I've decided I'm going to riffle through my old life drawings for some show and tell and just so I don't disappoint please note the Brad Pitt look alike was an artist and not a still life model ; )

Thank you Flossy-P for your This Is theme for tomorrow, it's another good one and it's sure not to disappoint!


Net said...

I've never heard that before about drawing a pear and drawing the human body, hmmm, makes sense...

Your pear drawings look great!

Kirsty said...

Oh Angela they are lovely.