Wednesday, April 30, 2008

on my desk

I transported my office duties to Gills Diner today. On my desk/cafe table is

1. My beloved Frankie magazine.
2. My favourite Gills Diner sandwich.
Goats curd, beetroot & onion jam $8.00

* note, the napkin at Gills Diner was thin which is a contradiction to my restaurant-quality-napkin beliefs.


Kirsty said...

I wish Gills Diner cafe table had been my desk today! An "at work" desk is no fun at all.

I reckon I could have overlooked the thin napkin.

CurlyPops said...

Oooh looks tasty!

boobook said...

Ta whit ta whoo to that!
It sounds like heaven!!

zoesquid said...

What a great desk. Ive been meaning to get my hands on a Frankie magazine. I must say I like your choice in sandwhich fillings! Yummo!

AnastasiaC said...

i love the cover of the latest frankie - her hair, look, makeup, freckles!!! so cute!

Danielle said...

have heard lots of good things about gill's. will have to pop in one day. your comment on their napkins made me laugh aloud (lucky no one was around to see!).

Lark said...

Mm, I remember that sandwich at Gills , it's yum!