Saturday, April 19, 2008


My work day was broken up today by a visit to the park with a friend's 4 year old. She is the most amazing little girl and she makes me smile with her clever conversation. Here is a snippet of what we spoke about today...

A - So do you do sports?
4 - Just swimming and cartwheels.

A - So what do you think you would like for dinner tonight?
4 - Calamari.

4 - Angela did you know I'm good at Everything!
A - Wow good at everything are you sure?
4 - YES!
A - Well are you good at making vegemite toast?
4 - Yes and I'm very good at rescuing burnt toast.


Maureen said...

The tangents of a young mind are truly amazing. I spent time last night with a friend's 4 yr old. He wants to live on another planet because earth is spinning too much.

(hmmm...add that to global warming...he might be prescient.)

btw, I am now known as Pepper (to him) ???

Pherenike said...

Morning! Well I missed doing last week's one, but this week, IM IN! My first This Is! Fun, fun.

Doesn't that story make you come alive to the possibility that maybe we are infinitely wonderful and good at everything; we've just forgotten!

flossy-p said...

hehehe, do you think you can still take up the sport of cartwheels when you're almost 32? It sounds like fun to me.